Mozilla Firefox

I am a Big Fan of Mozilla Firefox and seriously i hate “Internet Explorer > V.5+” no offense. Here are some of the MUST have add-on for you Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download Latest version of Mozilla Firefox Window Version

NoScript – Prevent any Malicious activities such as hidden advertising banners, cookies collector, XSS attack, popup and etc. Here to download the add-on : NoScript add-on

AdBlock Plus – Prevent advertising banners such as images, text display on any pages where your browser pointed to. It save your time and traffic. Web Preference : AdBlock plus add-on

ForecastFox : Another great add-on for weather forecast that display on the right bottom of your browser. Web Reference : ForecastFox add-on

Those are some good add-on. I will post more add-on next few days.

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About Charles Ling
Web/Android/IPhone Developer. Very very interested in Web Architecture, Web Standard and and how to use Web to improve human social life and doing cool stuff.

2 Responses to Mozilla Firefox

  1. Kenny says:

    Hey Charles, its me Kenny , we used to share the same apartment in Ridzuan. How are you?

    I certainly prefer Firefox over IE. I’ve gotten so much viruses and spyware from using IE in my early days. My first dead computer was hit by the chernobyl virus. My BIOS was kaput.

    Anyhow, Firefox is much better but I noticed it eats up too much memory sometimes. After a few hours of browsing the internet it consumes up to 200K(and beyond) in memory.

    Mozilla claims that its a feature, for caching the pages you visited so that it loads faster next time you open the page. Any idea how to reduce the memory leakage?

    Cheers. Take care.

  2. charlesling says:

    Hi Kenny, How are you? Do you have blog? So that i can add you as my friend..Haha.. Any way Here is the web if you haven’t visit yet.

    “After a few hours of browsing the internet it consumes up to 200K(and beyond) in memory”
    Yes. According to Firefox 2.++ Documentation it used alot of memory consumptions but there are few tricks might be useful but not always works.

    1. Go to about:config. Look for “browser.cache.disk.capacity” and depends on your Laptop Ram capacity.
    Ram of 128MB to 512M -> 5000.
    Ram of 512BM to 1GB of RAM -> use 15000

    2. Now, you can create and control how much disc cache you want to use for your browser.

    3.Right click on the page (about:config) and choose New then Integer and create an integer called browser.cache.memory.capacity and set it to a low number.

    4. What low number to set? According to Firefox specs.

    “Users who are having problems and want to lower memory consumption can try setting the integer value to something lower than the memory cache setting given in the above table. 4096, which was the previous default value, is a good place to start because it will decrease memory usage for users with more than 64 MB RAM. Users who have no problems with memory should leave the setting at -1.”

    References :

    I used to play around with the digits and my psychical ram was 1GB which less than 18000 works fine with me.

    5. “Any idea how to reduce the memory leakage?”
    – The above tips might help but not always work.
    Because since the way how Firefox works,
    For instance, no matter how many firefox browser you
    open(not the tab) it will always be one process and
    many threads (include the tabs). This is the problem
    with the architecture of firefox area. Yea. At first you
    get a very fast result and loads. After that you
    feels that the browser became slower and slower.

    But Good News, Firefox 3 is coming out soon. Their claim will
    improve security features and fix the memory leaks thing. You can try the latest Beta release. Good Luck.


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