Mysql Tips 1#

If you having trouble using mysql 5++ load data option and having an error message when issues that command
1. “ERROR XXXX: The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version” or
2. Denied access when trying to import csv file into your database table.

You might try looking something –local-infile. The default setting for –local-infile was off. You had to enable it by include in you mysql command.

For Example : mysql –host=.. –port=.. –local-infile –password=..
Then it should works now!.

For the second problem it might because the client you try to access is not root. It might be the privileges problem. Add the –local-infile line to the mysql command when you try to excute the user.

For more information you can refer to here : Load Data Error
For Connection Access Denied : Access Denied


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