Limitation of J2ME Web Service JSR 172 package #2

Continue from previous post that i mention the limitation of J2ME JSR 172. Apparently, not all data types in XML schema are supported in J2ME JSR 172. I am not sure why the specification did not mention the points.

Basically, according to JSR 172 specification, it doesn’t support several XML encoding format.  When i tried using Netbeans 6.1 to generate the stubs from the given WSDL file, it pop-up an error as it cannot validate these field as below against the JSR 172 specs:

Limitation that mention in JSR 172:


2.SimpleTypes enumeration and restriction

Limitation that JSR 172 did not mention:

1. XSD: Date, Choice, Duration, Time.

More useful information can be found on this IBM website.


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