Have been using jQuery since my new projects. As a results, i am very satisfy with the Javascript framework and external UI Plug-in.

I used the guidelines provided by reindel blog to choose the best javascript framework to meet best for my new projects. My first round-up choice are between Mootools, Prototypes/script.aculo.us and jQuery. I use Slickspeed website to run and check how fast the website run, and jQuery gave me the best results. Since jQuery run much more faster than others, except Mootools (on the version that i had tested).

The reason why i choose jQuery over other javascript frameworks ——————————————————————–

1. The learning curve for jQuery are much more short and there are tons of tutorials for jQuery.

2. One of my requirements, is to optimise the performance when running on client side.

3. Slow staging server (no budget), cause slow execution of scripts at client side if i am using other javascript framework.

4. Both Microsoft and Nokia have decided to add jQuery in their .Net and Symbian OS. (Future mobile implementation).

5. jQuery official website provide more demo type tutorials compare to others, which are very handful when it comes to using new functions.

Quite like the syntax and idea of Prototypes/script.aculo.us features and might be consider it with my own personal project.

These reasons were only my personal opinions, which i do not mean that other javascript framework are bad. It really depends on how it is going to fit with your best need such as environment, learning curve, your own coding style and more.


About Charles Ling
Web/Android/IPhone Developer. Very very interested in Web Architecture, Web Standard and and how to use Web to improve human social life and doing cool stuff.

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