Fast GUI prototype – Balsamiq Mockups

I have been looking for fast and good looking GUI prototype tools for a while.  I had tried several open source products including Pencil (Firefox stand-alone plugin),  Serena Prototype Compose, and Denim.

All of them, looks very good and easy to  use but lack of clean and pretty and cool components.  Until then, i had came across, one commercial and free mockups product known as “Balsamiq Mockups“.

To know how to get the product free, refer to their website. I just received my free serial key because i work for non-profit organisation and i will review their product once i have used in my next projects.

The reason why i likes this tool are because when i tried with their demo, the look and feel looks very cool and the components design look like hand drawing. Installation are easy and simple.It also based on Adobe Air platform which work with cross platform (Unix, Mac, Windows).

Maybe you can try to play around with the product.


About Charles Ling
Web/Android/IPhone Developer. Very very interested in Web Architecture, Web Standard and and how to use Web to improve human social life and doing cool stuff.

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