Malaysia BarCampKl 2010 April 24-25 is here.

BarCampKL 2010

Have been waiting BarcampKl for a while since i went back to Malaysia. As mention before in the previous post, BarCampKl is almost the same as BarCamp Melbourne which held in an un-conference way of events. There are no specifics schedule for any topics.

On the day itself, the topics will be posted on the wall and people can choose to attend and discuss together. If one of the audience is not interested, he/she can freely leave the room in order to respect the presenter rather to sit there uncomfortable.

Anyway, this time the BarCampKL 2010 will be held in Segi College Subang on 24 April – 25 April 2010. (Sat and Sun). For more information, you can visit their official blog. BarCamp KL. Can’t wait for the day.


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Web/Android/IPhone Developer. Very very interested in Web Architecture, Web Standard and and how to use Web to improve human social life and doing cool stuff.

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