Hi, My name is Charles Ling. I am a Web/Mobile Developer for Telco Industry mainly using open source technology which give me the greatest challenge how to build web/Mobile system efficiently.

Part of my blog are for my own future references and study thing like error recovery, past tutorial, ideas, critics that i had been deals with when setting up deployment, tools, IDE , how to and so on. Before that, i would to declare that i am not a professional writer where grammatical mistake will often appears but i will do my best to subsequently improve it.

I love to attend seminars, conferences, user groups and bar-camps not because of the presentation but the free foods that attracted me. I strongly opposed the idea that programming is a just a job (9-5), which is not. It is all about passion and hobby. I love to read. Mostly anything. Articles, books, news, or something weird. I think book is my salvation. Whenever i am without a book or something to read, i started to feel anxious and depressed. Maybe i am sick or something.

Personal Project that i am currently working on :
IPhone/Android Apps

Please leave me comments on the topics which you are interested or critics in. Thank You. Deo Gratis.

3 Responses to <me>

  1. taufiq says:

    hi charles,

    I have afew difficulty i hope you can assist me on these.

    1. how can i do a multiple entry of delivery charges for paypal payment for my products? as you can see we are operating in petaling jaya and delivery rates for klang valley and the rest of malaysia is diffrent.

    2. for time being i only services malaysia purchase how can i block the payment from outside malaysia ?

    i hope you really can help me on these.

  2. Annie Lee says:

    Can I have your email address please? Am a headhunter

  3. Fjodor Izmajlov says:

    I found your interesting project on https://gist.github.com/charles85/5906198
    Do you have any user guide how to use it, could you please share with me?
    best regards,
    Fjodor Izmajlov

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