Finally after several months of planning, handwork, and delay with my founder Arya. We finally launched our PayPal Payment Integration on 15/May/2010 with any website that wish to use PayPal as one of their paying methods. We also offer other services such as CMS management, Wed design and development, Usability and SEO advice, and as well as limited free services for non-profit organisation. Check out the web site at

PayPal AU Developer Program

Just went to Australia first PayPal developer program in Melbourne. The seminar was fantastic and interesting. The fact that only few certified PayPal developer around Australia and Asia Pacific quite shock me. According to their research, almost half of merchant websites customer will turn away from their website if PayPal is not supported as one of their payment methods. I supposed the Exam should be very hard or maybe not a lot of people ever heard of PayPal certification. For my own opinion, if your are frequently working with projects that involves with merchant or e-commerce getting PayPal certified will help you to gain credentials and trust at least. This is not some sort of certification that almost 6-7 out 10 have such as Microsoft Certificated when even 8 years old kids could get it.

PayPal actually came out several new products and APIs compare to last few years when i first time using their HTML based button for donation. Their even have widget that you can put on your website. Here are the website for United States : PayPal developer training and education and for the Australia version please refer to Australia PayPal : PayPal Australia and the AU Exam curriculum guide : PayPal Au Exam Curriculum Exam

The advance version is to improve user buying experience will be using Paypal Payflow Pro Gateway or Express Checkout where both allowed merchant to customise their own shopping cart(Paypal Payflow Pro Gateway) or using instant checkout experience that will redirect to PayPal website after buyer decided to place an order.

For more information about the exam and the most useful website to learn PayPal.

Updated : 02/September/2009.
From now on, i am officially PayPal Certified Developer.