Unable to extract trial version of Flex Builder 3

Recently, i wanted to try out to install Flex Builder 3 from Adobe website and after successfully downloaded the file i was unable to extract the files. It came out this error “Please select another location to extract the installer”.

I checked the hard drive and i have more than 10gb spaces in all my drives. I kept getting the error no matter what. I clear my Windows temp folders, tried in different OS such as XP and vista. I also tried to disable my firewall and remove my anti-virus software.None of them is working. I suspected that the downloaded file have been corrupted.

Oh Yea. I forgot to mention that i have downloaded the file from my office computer. Apparently, the package i have downloaded have been scanned through proxy and Inter-scan anti-virus checked. That’s why the files get corrupted even i downloaded the Flex SDK packages. So, i went to my friend place and re-downloaded the files. All have been working fine without any errors.

So my conclusion is that, if you have the same error and tried the Adobe troubleshoot, and none of the steps above worked for you, you might try to re-download the packages from different computer or proxy, virus scan free.

Check out some of the solutions here :

Fast GUI prototype – Balsamiq Mockups

I have been looking for fast and good looking GUI prototype tools for a while.  I had tried several open source products including Pencil (Firefox stand-alone plugin),  Serena Prototype Compose, and Denim.

All of them, looks very good and easy to  use but lack of clean and pretty and cool components.  Until then, i had came across, one commercial and free mockups product known as “Balsamiq Mockups“.

To know how to get the product free, refer to their website. I just received my free serial key because i work for non-profit organisation and i will review their product once i have used in my next projects.

The reason why i likes this tool are because when i tried with their demo, the look and feel looks very cool and the components design look like hand drawing. Installation are easy and simple.It also based on Adobe Air platform which work with cross platform (Unix, Mac, Windows).

Maybe you can try to play around with the product.

Photoshop over the web.

If you don’t have photoshop installed on your Computer machine, your can consider trying out new Web 2.0 Cool Application from Adobe. You can edit your photo and their offer 2gb free hard drive space. Not only that, you can link those images to your blog. How cool is that. Currently it still beta version, that mean some functionality only offer for US Resident. But anyway, check the cool killer apps.

Try it out here.