Web Personalization Technique

Regarding my previous post, i mention that i had been writing minor report paper based on Amazon Personalization. The paper already got marked and proof reading from my lecture. So below here is the summarize :

“Web personalization can be known as a way to tailoring the user’s need and improve user’s experience over the web. Recommendation products to the customers are often part of business strategy because it helps to maintain the relationship between the E-commerce sites and their customers. Not only it does cater for the users it helps companies profiling user’s browsing habits and purchase patterns through data mining or other techniques from web-usage logs. Companies then, used these data to generate statistic based on user’s behavior over nightly, weekly, monthly or yearly. With these statistic, companies now knows what their customer needs better without requiring them to ask their customers explicitly.”

Here is the Intelligent Web Personalization version.

Web Personalization

Currently I am taking a Subject call Intelligent Web System. It is a very interesting subject which teach me a lot of Intelligent Web System such as Web Crawler, Personalization Web, Machine Learning, Page Rank, HomePage Finder and more. I will be adding my latest unofficial publish research paper.

The topic is about Web Personalization. By abstract, it collects users pattern behavior such as browsing history, purchasing and recommendation on E-commerce sites. It then use those data to profiling and filtering out statistic to help improve business profit and user’s experience over the Internet.