Microsoft Innovation Day AU 2009

Went to Microsoft Innovation Day in Melbourne last Wednesday. The presentation was good and inspiring. Their talk about UX design, Silverlight 4 beta, Window 7, Window Touch, SharePoint 2010, Dallas, xRM and etc. I like the idea of Silverlight 4 beta, with much more improvements over the old version and Flex. Silverlight 4 beta allows user drag and drop from web to desktop, support smooth image or video rendering and more. I hope that Silverlight will not repeat the same mistake as ActiveX or Java Applet.

The food was nice but still topped under 3 of the best free food during seminar events. Below i posted the PDF with full links, description and powerpoint slides hosted under

The pdf files that contains lots of useful links : Links and resource pointers for Innovation Days Roadshow 2009

The powerpoint slide for the presentation could be view from
The Age Of User Experience
Innovation on the web with Silverlight
Not Just Better, Faster – Expression and Sketchflow