J2ME LightWeight UI Toolkit

Developing J2ME mobile application using MIDP 1.0 or 2.0 is very challenging when you wish to add some stylish graphical and animations.  You can use MIDP low level graphics library that use sprites. But, Thanks God, Java open source community recently released LWUIT. Quote from the website.

LWUIT is a UI library that is bundled together with applications and helps content developers in creating compelling and consistent Java ME applications. LWUIT supports visual components and other UI goodies such as theming, transitions, animation and more.

It is good and save J2ME developers alot of time figuring out how to design “cool” and liveable graphics or animations. It is open-source software, and it should be quick easy to pick up if you know well MIDP.

But, If you are working with 3rd party text-to speech software such as Nuance Talks, to read out the text such as label, textfield, textbox, title or anything, just forget it. The 3rd party text-to speech software cannot read anything out because LWUIT using graphics and images as it’s contents.

[edited since 05/01/2010]
But keep in minds that, since the release of IPhone SDK (c like with object-oriented) and Android SDK (J2ME like, but more advanced), I preferred to developed my mobile application based on these two platform.