Limitation of J2ME MIDP 2.0

If you are already developing mobile application using J2ME, i assumed you already know a lot of functionality that J2ME doesn’t support. Yet, for my personal opinion, J2ME are not very “powerful language” in terms of accessibility.

Developing J2ME application to corporate with 3rd party text-to speech software is very hard. I am not sure about in future, but now it is very hard.  It doesn’t have accessibility library package as in Java Swing or AWT or alt tag like HTML.

If you tried to use canvas to create your own custom items, none of the 3rd party text-to speech software can read the labels, titles or contents. So if you are developing J2ME application for vision impaired escpecially, it is very challeging. I would suggest you use Symbian_C/C++, if you are deploying in Symbian OS platform because normally 3rd text-to speech software targeting those dependent platform so that it can work well with their own software products.

Here are some information if you choose to develop using Symbian_C++.