Saving MySql from Oracle.

Since Oracle take over MySql due to SUN MircoSystem acquisition, I worried that Oracle will kill MySql slowly or make MySql as commercial products. Who knows? Do you know? No. I have used MySql since my study in University and to my today worklife. Why? It is easy to set-up, work well with cross OS platform, and huge support developer community. This does not mean that i do not wish to use other dabatase products, but worried that I cannot no longer used free and powerful database server as what MySql have offered.

Oracle have this massive big huge of complicated database system which is hard to use (configuration for small and medium size projects) by the way. I will continue support the creator of MySql to fight Oracle to release MySql to the public as how it does before.

Please help to spread the world to free MySql from Oracle or at least leave MySql development to public. Or else all MySql user have a price to pay.

Read more from the MySql creator site : Monty
To sign up petition : SaveMysql