Book Review (April/2008)

I had been set target to read 1 books within 1 months which balance out ratio of 2:1 technical books and novels. Here is the list which i had finish reading and unfinished reading as well.

Finish Reading

Non-technical book

Digital Fortress : Author by Dan Brown (1999).

Comment : This book was quite interesting and fascinating which i think the combination of action and a bit of romance. The main character which I assume were Susan Fletcher the genius NSA Head Crypto and her fiance David Becker. This book mention a little inside of NSA. Since this was a fiction-based novel, of course there were several mistakes based on encryption and impossible crypto machine knowns TRANSLTR. The thing that i don’t like this book was, several scene seems kept repeating itself. For example, when it said that the commander (one of the characters of the novel) mention he wanted to go to shut down the “Impossible Machine” but it seems like it kept continue on and said, “Ok, Now i will be going down to shut it down”. I though you (Commander) already said that like few chapters before. Anyway, this is a really good book which i think only for person who interested and work in IT field.

Plot Twist
Susan Fletcher, a brilliant mathematician and head of the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) cryptography division, finds herself faced with an unbreakable code named “Digital Fortress”, which is resistant to brute-force attacks by the NSA’s 3 million processor supercomputer dubbed “TRANSLTR”. The code is written by Japanese cryptographer Ensei Tankado, a fired employee of the NSA, who is displeased with the agency’s intrusion into people’s privacy. Tankado auctions the algorithm on his website, threatening that his accomplice “North Dakota” will release the algorithm for free if he dies. Tankado is found dead in Seville, Spain. Fletcher, along with her fiancĂ©, David Becker, a skilled linguist with eidetic memory, must find a solution to stop the spread of the code.
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