PHP Coding Pratice.

If You are PHP Developer and wanted to improve your coding standard here is the start.
Although those tips looks simple and for Cake but guess what it had the power to impact your coding standard. I have been trying to code in any language with the standard provided and yes!, at first it is hard. Then when you used to it, it became a habit. Cheers.

Tips for Installing WS02 WSF/PHP Extension

If you happen to use Web service running on WSO2 WSF/PHP as server or client and this is your first time configuration here are some tips might helping you if you get this error Messages (WSClient not found: ….) or when you tried to run phpinfo() and didn’t found wsf almost bottom of the html page when trying the samples code from WSO2 WSF/PHP Ext. It might be you have not set the path or copy the 3 required file.

Download these files.
Make sure you follow exactly the tutorial provided from WSO2 WSF PHP/Ext Website

1. Try to run “php -m” without the quote from Window Command Prompt.
2. If it happen a pop-up dialog box mention you required one of those 3 files then you had to set the path an Environment. For example : C:\libxml2-2.6.30+.win32\libxml2-2.6.30+.win32\bin and etc.
2. Copy the libxml++.dll file into your C:\path\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.1-win32\wsf_c\lib and same as the rest.
3. Close the previous command prompt. and rerun the command prompt again. Try to run “php -m” and it might fix the problem.
4. Check the list that shown make sure all those 3 files are listed.
5. Now the wsf will be shown out.
6. Restart your apache server or restart your PC if required. The wfs will be shwon in phpinfo(). It happen to me that it required me to restart the server several time until the wsf shown. Weird.
7. Anyway, try the sample client. It might be working now.

Happy Coding.