Book Review (September/2008)

Recently i had finish 2 very interesting books. The book is fictional novel call “Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. Wow!, it was really a good and a sad book to read. The reason why i think it is the best fiction book that i ever read this year because :

1. The contents and the words that the author used, were not very depth and complex. It is easy to understand unlike others’ novel. (Hey, i’m not going to pick every single words that i do not know and refer to dictionary. That’s the point why i read novel to release my stress and frustration).

2. The author kept remind the reader what was happened before, so that the reader can kept track the important point while you reach end of each chapters.

3.Ah!!Like the book mention, irony.

4.Sad content and a bit of romance. Nice!!

The second book will be techinal book which is “The Practice of Programming” by Brian W. Kernigham and Rob Pike. I WISH i had known this book when i started programming in 1st year of my Comp Science. Very interesting and useful for any level of programmers. This book manly focus on c,c++ and Java programming languages. But, the thing is, it is not programming languages that the reader should concerned. You can apply the way their teach in any programming language.

I will totally kept one of my list books around me when i do programming. One of the book that wannabe “Good” programmer should have.