Refresh LAN Connection after Bitcomet heavy Download

If you are using tweak TCP connection for Bitcomet or non-tweak version when after downloading tasks, and having internet connection problem such as slow or page not load in browsers here are one of the solution to restart the your computer LAN network without needs to restart your pc or router.

This features only work with Window XP++.

1st steps : Go to Start the Green button

2nd steps : Click run, and key in services.msc

3rd steps: A new window for Services will pop up. Look for DHCP client and DNS Client.

4 steps : Restart both clients by right clicks. You will notice that a notification will pop up at right bottom task bar. The DCHP client and DNS client had been restart and the internet connection now should be fine. Try and See.

One of the reason why the problems occurs was because tweak version of Bitcomet opens up alot of half open connection and have not yet been closed and when your browser request for new connection from the router, the router itself ignores your request. Restarting DHCP and DNS client helps because, it clear the cache and update the IP address and DNS name again.