How to Set/Change Trash Manager Permission in Joomla.

Few days ago, i was looking a way how to give permission access of Trash Manager to other users like Manager and normal users instead of Super Admin and Admin.

After done some googling, without any luck, i tried to look into several config, mod and global files.  One of the files attracted my attention, that is gacl.class.php. There is one way to do it by accessing the source file. But, i am not sure how to do it on Joomla Admin page.

1. Go to Joomla directory ../<List of joomla files>/includes/gacl.class.php

2. There will be list of ACLs where you can add and remove permission from super admins, admins, managers and users.

3. Find a commented //access to trash or trash manager (this might be change by your previous people who maintains it)

Let say i wanted to add all manager to access the trash Manager.

Add This Line :

4. $this->mos_add_acl('administration', 'manage', 'users', 'manager', 'components', 'com_trash');

Note that, the trash manager will only be shown in the Top Menu under
the “Site”. It won’t be shown under the control panel as you seen in with
Administrator accout.

That’s All, and Good Luck.