Hello world!

Hi, My name is Charles Ling. I am a Web Developer for non-profit organisation mainly using open source technology which give me the greatest challenge how to build web system efficiently and open-minded.

Part of my blog are for my own future references and study thing like Error recovery, past tutorial, ideas, critics that i had been deals with when setting up deployment, tips, how to and so on. Before that, i would to declare that i am not a professional writer where grammatical mistake will often appears but i will do my best to subsequently improve it.

I love to attend seminars, conferences and user groups not because of the presentation but the free foods that attracted me. My top 3 best free food for free seminar events will be 1:IBM (Mainframe Technology), 2:Melbourne StixCamp 2009 and 3:Microsoft (Innovation Day 2009).

Please leave me comments on the topics which you are interested or critics in. Thank You. Deo Gratis.